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Postcard Press Picks: Iceland’s Banned Christmas Ad

Postcard Press Picks: Iceland’s Banned Christmas Ad Earlier this week, Iceland’s banned Christmas ad went viral on the Internet. The animated commercial features a young girl angry with an orangutan that is destroying her room, so she throws him out. But, before he goes, she asks why he is in her room to begin with. […]

Best Practices for Sustainable Travel

Best Practices for Sustainable Travel Taking care of the earth is everyone’s responsibility and just as important when traveling, as it is at home. We’ve talked a bit about how you can pack more sustainably, but there’s so much we can all do to be a little more environmentally-friendly. So, we’ve dug a little deeper […]

How to Be a Respectful Traveler—and Not The Ugly American

Prague Bridge and Skyline

How to Be a Respectful Traveler —and Not The Ugly American Traveling somewhere new—especially internationally—brings a lot of preparation. Between figuring out flights and lodging and transportation and your itinerary, there’s a lot to navigate. And while you’re focused on all of that, you may not think about how you’re going to adjust to a […]

Special Interest: France & Sustainability

Special Interest: France & Sustainability   As a self-proclaimed sustainability aficionado, I was thrilled at the opportunity to write a feature on la France! Each time I see a byline about France, it’s regarding their fantastic strides towards a completely green and sustainable future for their region. I’ve separated these successes into different categories, so […]

Packing List: Sustainable Swap-Outs

Packing List: Sustainable Swap-Outs By now I think everyone has noticed that sustainability is kind of my thing, and I want to give a bit of practical advice for a packing list while also educating on the importance of sustainability, especially when traveling. This little list below should come in handy for your next trip […]

Living Off the Grid: Tips for Getting Started

Living Off the Grid: Tips for Getting Started Recently, I have been reading up on “living off the grid” and have become more and more fascinated by the idea. Living on your own land, completely independent and self-sustaining, providing your own power, water and food. This lifestyle trend has become more and more popular, and […]