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Fair Trade

While shopping for food, and even clothes, do you stop to think about where the products come from and how they are produced, or do you simply grab what is quick and convenient? Most of us are on the go and don’t have time to do our research on the products we purchase from shopping malls to grocery stores, but it’s time we all make the decision to put more thought into where our products come from and who provides them.

This Postcard Press Pick is going to focus on Fair Trade, something that many of us have heard about, but maybe, are unsure of what it means. So, what is Fair Trade Certified?

What is Fair Trade Certified?

The Fair Trade Certification is a symbol guaranteeing that the product, be it food or clothing, was produced according to rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards. It ensures that those who make the product work in safe conditions, protect the environment during production, and are able to build sustainable livelihoods while making extra money to empower their local communities and economies. Choosing Fair Trade assures consumers that the products were grown, harvested, crafted, and traded in ways that improve lives and protect the environment.

Why is Fair Trade important?

Simply put, products without Fair Trade Certification are possibly manufactured unsustainably, while workers who produce these goods may be treated unethically. Shopping for Fair Trade goods and produce helps put people, and the planet, first. The purchase of these goods directly impacts the producer in many positive ways, such as: income sustainability, empowerment, individual and community well-being, and environmental stewardship. It is a world-changing way of doing business.

Read more here about the Fair Trade Global Model and how you can make a difference by shopping Fair Trade and aligning your consumer habits with your values.

Where can I purchase Fair Trade goods?

The Fair Trade website is a great resource that lists all of the Fair Trade products by category. There is also a handy listing of shops, and brands, that feature Fair Trade products, such as Whole Foods and Target (always check the labels). There are even shopping guides to help consumers choose ethically-made clothes, or even coffee brands. A recipe tab is included for good measure!

This information merely skims the surface of all the amazing things Fair Trade has done for our planet and for the honest people working to produce these goods. Below is a video that further explains Fair Trade and the 20 years of positive impacts it has had.

Have you ever shopped Fair Trade before, and if not, are you inspired to begin seeking out the Fair Trade Certification on your goods and produce? Let us know your experience!

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