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Postcard Press Picks: Yang’s Fry Dumplings

Yang's Fry Dumpling Storefront

Postcard Press Picks: Yang’s Fry Dumplings When traveling abroad, you don’t generally expect a fast-food chain to be a must-visit or a place to which you’ll want to return. Almost any destination will have hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurants, and with just a few days to visit, you can’t even scratch the surface. But […]

Postcard Press Picks: Worth It

Worth It Featured Graphic - Soba Noddles in Japanese Setup

Postcard Press Picks: Worth It Food is integral to all of our life experiences, so it’s no wonder that eating food (or watching people eat food) can give us a glimpse into a city or country’s culture. On any trip, you can look at your breakfast, lunch, or dinner and usually find something distinctive about […]

Postcard Press Picks: For Traveling to Shanghai

Featured Image - Shanghai Skyline

Postcard Press Picks: For Traveling to Shanghai Shanghai. The City by the Sea. It’s the most populous city in China and the second most populous city proper in the world, and Postcard Press will be there in November! Well, not all of Postcard Press, but I will be representing Postcard Press as I travel with […]

Postcard Press Picks: Kavat Coffee

Postcard Press Picks: Kavat Coffee Serj Tankian, frontman of L.A. based metal band System of a Down, composer, writer, and solo artist, has very strong ties to his Armenian culture. This connection to his culture and background is seen very clearly in his creative work, but now he has taken it a step further and […]

Postcard Press Picks: ‘Ugly Delicious

Postcard Press Picks Ugly Delicious From the very first seconds of the pilot episode, I could tell Ugly Delicious was a show that cares a lot about its subject matter: food. In the first episode, the show focuses on New York pizza and what it means to the Italian-Americans who own these pizzerias. Interviews with […]

Postcard Press Picks: No Passport Required

No Passport Required Featured Image

Postcard Press Picks: No Passport Required This week’s Postcard Press Pick is No Passport Required, a new series on PBS that seeks to explore and understand America’s immigrant communities through food. With the current refugee and immigrant crises, this is a timely and relevant series celebrating those who have chosen to call America home. It’s […]

Postcard Press Picks: FinalStraw

Postcard Press Picks: FinalStraw If you’re someone who flies or drives frequently, you’re probably wondering what you can start doing to offset your carbon footprint. Well, it’s best to start small before making any dramatic lifestyle changes (travel is already expensive on its own, so don’t immediately splurge on a tiny home and fake meat). […]

More than a Postcard: Working in Davos, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps from a stop along the Bernina Express in Switzerland. [Photo: Nicole Lamberson]

More than a Postcard: Working in Davos, Switzerland I have been lucky to have opportunities to travel abroad on my own time and for school, but many of my more recent travel experiences have happened because of the occasional travel I did in my previous job. Through work, I have visited places that otherwise wouldn’t have […]

Postcard Press Picks: Somebody Feed Phil

Postcard Press Picks: Somebody Feed Phil Netflix’s newest show Somebody Feed Phill takes its viewers on a trip around the world to explore the culinary delights of Lisbon, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, and many more. Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everyone Loves Raymond, is our guide and taste tester in the latest in a long line of travel food shows. […]

Japan and Its Kentucky Fried Christmas

Japan and Its Kentucky Fried Christmas As Nicole will talk about in her next article, countries across the globe have their own winter traditions and holidays. Some traditions date back hundreds of years, while others have a more modern flair to them. One of these more recent traditions comes from Japan, a country already known […]