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Food is integral to all of our life experiences, so it’s no wonder that eating food (or watching people eat food) can give us a glimpse into a city or country’s culture. On any trip, you can look at your breakfast, lunch, or dinner and usually find something distinctive about your destination. And this week’s Postcard Press pick may not seem like a travel show in the traditional sense, but BuzzFeed’s Worth It is worth a watch.

In fact, it’s not a travel show at all. Worth It is a food web series wherein each short episode, hosts Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnycjki eat a similar dish at three different restaurants with three different price points to decide which is the best. But what’s great about the show is that many of its (currently) 43 episodes take place in different countries such as Japan or Australia as well as U.S. cities like Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Worth It visits Japan where they try ramen as cheap as $3 and as expensive as $79.

Many of the dishes eaten in these destinations are foods associated with that place. For example, they eat ramen and sushi (among other foods) in Japan, steak in Australia, and cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. But there are also some surprises, such as coffee and cake in Japan and Peking duck in New York City.

The series can also give you some ideas for must-visit restaurants on your next trip!


Is food an important part of your travels? Share your culinary recommendations with you fellow travelers below!

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