Postcard Press Picks: Somebody Feed Phil

Netflix’s newest show Somebody Feed Phill takes its viewers on a trip around the world to explore the culinary delights of Lisbon, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, and many more. Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everyone Loves Raymond, is our guide and taste tester in the latest in a long line of travel food shows. While Phil may not have the same expertise as Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmerman, the show is a fun way to learn about culinary delights from around the world. If anything, Phil’s adventures will introduce you to some of the greatest chefs the world has to offer.

Somebody Feed Phil
Somebody Feed Phil via Netflix

Though fun, the show isn’t perfect. Somebody Feed Phil never seems to dive deep enough into what food means to the cultures they’re exploring in each episode. Still, the show acts as a great introductory course for those who might be interested in learning some more about dining options from around the world. Check it out if you’re interested in learning a little something about international cuisine and need to take a break from Chopped re-runs on Hulu.

You can watch the documentary series now on Netflix along with the platform’s various other food-inspired series.

What’s been your favorite meal from your travels abroad? What’s a local delicacy you’d be afraid to try?


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