Postcard Press

Turning Tourists into Travelers


Postcard Press is committed to turning tourists into travelers and bringing the world to our readers. We provide travelers with the means to immerse themselves in a new culture, even if they never leave their homes.


The long-term goal of Postcard Press is to expose cultures, not locations, and to create educated travelers, not dictate the best of each country. To promote cultural travel, our focus is on customs, food, religion, the arts, history, and the people, not tourist traps or the best-priced resort package. Postcard Press also aspires to counter the for-profit travel guides and encourages a not-for-profit business environment.

We believe that most travel guides merely skim the surface of each destination. That’s why, at Postcard Press, we aspire to offer a more complete view of each unique location by sharing its stories, delving into its history, and continuously offering travelers the most up-to-date information on the experience of living among its people. Our website and quarterly eMagazine aim to produce content that inspires and encourages a more sustainable travel environment and focuses on experiences, education, and cultures. Our authors and contributors are filled with wanderlust and have a passion for sharing their stories and experiences. They offer a diverse view, a desire to educate, and unique experiences.

Our audience is made up of individuals who are looking for more than a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. Our readers are respectful of and fascinated by the places to which they travel (or want to travel), and they want to do everything they can to learn about, understand, and fully experience their dream destinations.

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