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Ugly Delicious

From the very first seconds of the pilot episode, I could tell Ugly Delicious was a show that cares a lot about its subject matter: food. In the first episode, the show focuses on New York pizza and what it means to the Italian-Americans who own these pizzerias. Interviews with chefs from all over the world show how the interpretation of such a beloved Italian-American dish can change from place to place–including a sushi restaurant variation that brings their own culture to the dish.  

Ugly Delicious is shot like a documentary, which immediately sets this show apart from a lot of food-inspired television shows. It’s not about the showmanship–it’s about representing the food and what it means to those who make it. In fact, you can really feel Anthony Bourdain’s influence as they go from place to place to learn more about this single dish.

Ugly Delicious continues to use food to break down cultural barriers so we can learn more about each other. Host David Chang joins forces with food critics, comics, and celebrities to explore the world and learn more about the various representations of each dish discussed in each episode. You can stream the show in its entirety on Netflix.

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