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Postcard Press Picks: ‘Ugly Delicious

Postcard Press Picks Ugly Delicious From the very first seconds of the pilot episode, I could tell Ugly Delicious was a show that cares a lot about its subject matter: food. In the first episode, the show focuses on New York pizza and what it means to the Italian-Americans who own these pizzerias. Interviews with […]

Postcard Press Picks: No Passport Required

No Passport Required Featured Image

Postcard Press Picks: No Passport Required This week’s Postcard Press Pick is No Passport Required, a new series on PBS that seeks to explore and understand America’s immigrant communities through food. With the current refugee and immigrant crises, this is a timely and relevant series celebrating those who have chosen to call America home. It’s […]

Special Interest: France & Sustainability

Special Interest: France & Sustainability   As a self-proclaimed sustainability aficionado, I was thrilled at the opportunity to write a feature on la France! Each time I see a byline about France, it’s regarding their fantastic strides towards a completely green and sustainable future for their region. I’ve separated these successes into different categories, so […]