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REI Adventures

REI has done it again! Everyone knows that I am an avid hiker, but this week’s pick is for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or is simply looking for a trip that will add a little more “adventure” to their lives. The purpose of REI Adventures is simple: get people outdoors.

With REI Adventures, you can choose the region of the world you most want to visit and then browse the list of outings to decide which trip best suits you and your experience level. The size of your trip is customizable as well: travel with a group, as a family, or on your own. All of those who book a trip will be traveling with an REI guide, someone who is completely passionate about travel and the outdoors, but who also wants to make the most of the trip so the best experience is had. All travelers will have the opportunity to make local connections on their treks, as well as make new friends for life and take home unforgettable memories.

There’s still more to the style of these adventures. Not only are they a great chance to get away and see the world while being active, but they are also ethically and environmentally conscious trips, which is something we value here at Postcard Press. This quote from their website perfectly sums up the values of REI Adventures:

And our responsibility doesn’t end there. To help economies thrive, we patronize local businesses, from lodging to guides to restaurants. We create meaningful cultural exchanges with each region’s people, and we treat their cultures and places with respect. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s what makes each adventure truly unique.

Next time plans are laid for travel, consider the trips offered by REI Adventures. With them, a place will not simply be visited, but an experience will be had.


Have you ever booked a trip with REI Adventures? Do you think you’ll ever consider it after reading this? Let us know where you’d like to go!


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