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The Crooked Road

Everyone, at some point in their lives, should go on a road trip. Unlike air or train travel, road trips provide a unique opportunity to see more low-key attractions and meet more locals because there aren’t a lot of time restrictions. That’s probably why road trips are my favorite form of slow travel (or it could have something to do with my Midwest roots), and why this week’s Postcard Press Pick  is Virginia’s Musical Heritage Trail, also known as The Crooked Road.

I first learned about The Crooked Road through Ralph Berrier Jr. Ralph wrote a series of articles for a local newspaper about his time on the road and what he was able to learn about Bluegrass and his own background. Having taken classes on Appalachia, [INTERNAL LINK] I was immediately intrigued by the potential of this road trip–although school and work have prevented me from doing it, apart from The Floyd Country Store.

The Crooked Road is the perfect road trip for those who love music and celebrating heritage. The trip covers about nineteen counties, four cities, and fifty towns in Virginia. These locations on the trip are known for celebrating the history of Bluegrass and have embedded it in their daily lives.

To learn more about The Crooked Road, you can visit their website.

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This week's Pick is The Crooked Road. The perfect road trip for music lovers everywhere! #virginia #radford #bluegrass

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