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Kavat Coffee

Serj Tankian, frontman of L.A. based metal band System of a Down, composer, writer, and solo artist, has very strong ties to his Armenian culture. This connection to his culture and background is seen very clearly in his creative work, but now he has taken it a step further and decided to create his own coffee brand, a traditional Armenian brew, to share with the world: Kavat Coffee.

Kavat, meaning cup in Armenian, signifies the simplicity of something great. The way specific coffee is grown and distributed varies by the country it comes from. The more simplified the process of creating this Armenian blend of coffee, the more authentic the experience of tasting something that has ties to the Armenian culture.

To honor the customs of the Armenian culture, Tankian involved his mother in the creation process to be sure that this beverage can be enjoyed by the young and the old alike. The coffee starts with organic, fair-trade sourced coffee beans and continues from there–a four-month process of trying different combinations of roasts to finally select what tastes best and represents the unique qualities of Armenian coffee.

An interesting part of Armenian culture directly involving coffee is a similar concept to reading tea leaves. When the coffee drinker finishes their cup of coffee, they turn it over and allow it to dry on the saucer, and then once dried, a fortune can be read within the cup of dried coffee!

Kavat Coffee is not yet available to order, but if you’d like to keep track of updates and pre-ordering information, the official Twitter handle for Kavat is where you can find all the news!


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