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Let’s say you’re going on a short business trip or have a long layover in some exciting city you’ve never been to before. What should you do? Where should you go? There’s an abundance of travel guides and blogs online offering the “best of” for almost any city in the world, but how do you decide on the most essential sites or restaurants you should visit during your very limited visit? If you haven’t already discovered The New York Times’ “36 Hours in…” series, then this Postcard Press pick is for you.

In this long-running travel column, The New York Times travels the world to personally recommend an itinerary that will help you discover the best or most interesting parts of your next destination. With recommendations on tourist sites, restaurants, shopping, lodging, and more, there’s something for everyone no matter how short or long your trip may be, and you’re bound to find some options that you won’t want to miss. What’s also great about this column is that each itinerary provides a little context about your destination by not only recommending options but by giving some insight into the local culture.

36 Hours in Image of Clock

There’s even a video series to offer a visually-inspiring peek into more than 60 cities. Check it out on YouTube.

So, if your time is limited and you want some first-hand advice to make your trip successful and fulfilling, make sure to search The New York Times’ “36 Hours in…” whatever city you may visit next. You’re sure to find some excellent recommendations for your itinerary.

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