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Shanghai. The City by the Sea. It’s the most populous city in China and the second most populous city proper in the world, and Postcard Press will be there in November! Well, not all of Postcard Press, but I will be representing Postcard Press as I travel with a friend to Shanghai (for the first time) and back to Hong Kong. So, for this week’s Postcard Press Pick, we’re taking a closer look at where to go in Shanghai.  

As we always note, print travel guides are an excellent resource to have while planning your trip and to have with you while you’re traveling. I’ve already purchased my favorite, Lonely Planet. However, just because it’s my favorite doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore the options that are out there. Head to the local bookstore and check out the travel guides for your destination. You’ll find the perfect one for your preferences to help build your itinerary.

Then, as always, it’s time to turn to the wealth of information on the internet. But where should you start? With so many options, they all start to blend together. We’ve done some of the research into this complex and diverse city for you! I’ll be using these sites as I plan my adventure. If you’re planning a trip to this metropolis too, then this guide is the place to start.


Must-See Attractions Image - Yuyuan Market
Yuyuan Market – Located along the Old Street in Shanghai, this market is the place to go for shopping and eating.

Must-See Attractions

The major attractions are usually a must-see; after all, it’s why you’re visiting the city. But not all must-see attractions are created equal. And some may even be the dreaded tourist traps, where you spend time and money to wade through the crowds for a brief glimpse at some underwhelming site. Everyone’s interests are different, but your research can help you find those quality must-see sites. And when you see something listed in multiple places, then you know it’s worth checking out.


Hidden Gems Image - Yu Garden
Yu Garden is located in the Old City of Shanghai, and a great place to visit if you want to slow down and reflect on your journey.

Hidden Gems

As always, you have to look beyond the surface and go deeper than the tourist sites. While they are great, and usually a must-see for a reason, to truly learn about a place and embrace the culture, you have to get off the beaten path.   


Foodie Adventures Image - Dumplings
Shanghai is known for their dumplings.

Foodie Adventures

My travel buddy and I have already talked about how food will be a central component of our adventure. This is usually a draw for many travelers, and for a city with diverse cultural influences, Shanghai is an exciting destination for culinary travelers.


Day Trip Image - Nanjing, China
Nanjing, China – The former capital of China is close enough to Shanghai to make for an exciting day trip.

Day Trips

When the focus of your trip is on one or two cities as opposed to the whole country, you may want to look at the surrounding areas to find exciting day trip options. These are a great way to experience more of the country and local cultures.


Practical Information Image - Metro
Shanghai’s metro is modern and efficient but doing some research will help you get around a little easier.

Practical Information

While cosmopolitan, traveling to Shanghai will be a very different experience than traveling around North America or even Western Europe. It’s important to research travel tips and practical information beyond where to go and what to eat so that you’ll be able to get around town more smoothly and without looking like too much of a tourist.



Have you been to Shanghai? Share your must-dos with your fellow travelers in the comments!

Are you preparing for an upcoming trip? Let us know where you’re going or want to go, and maybe you’ll see your destination in our next guide!


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