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While doing research for other Postcard Press related content, I saw a ton of cultural posts for Norway – a place I hadn’t considered, but was excited to learn more about. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to look at some guides to help get you started on planning a possible trip to Norway.

Norway is a coastal Scandinavian country surrounded by Sweden and Finland to the right, and the region of the United Kingdom to the left. Known mostly for its fishing, hiking, and skiing, but also for its rich culture preserved in museums around the country. These museums house architecture from 9th-century viking ships to colorful residences along the waterways. Ranked “the second happiest country in the world,” it’s easy to see why, and for visitors, there is so much to do and learn while in Norway.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out this video of the stunning highlights of the country from Outside online!

If you prefer the tangibility of a printed travel guide, definitely take the time to browse a local library or the travel section of a bookstore to find something that fits your needs and encompasses your interests. Here are a few print guides that should have everything you need to learn about this region:

  • Lonely Planet guides are always great, and this link doubles as an online guide, showing users top sights and experiences for first-time visitors, as well as a very useful topographical map of the entire region.
  • Rough Guides offers a book you can purchase as a print edition or an eBook. There is also an online guide from the same publisher to do some further research on a device. This guide assists travelers with booking and different expenses, as well as lists of essentials, as it states, “everything to know before you set off.”
  • National Geographic has a print travel guide that encompasses Norway as well as Southern Sweden. The online equivalent of this guide simply lists different articles on traveling to Norway and what to do in different regions during different times of the year.

If you prefer the convenience of online guides–regardless, you’ll want to have a guide available for your travels–here are a few with featured information on traveling to Norway:

  • Nomadic Matt has a pretty great online guide with resources for those looking to travel on a budget, such as typical costs, budgeting tips, and booking resources. There is also a suggested daily budget so you are able to see and do as much as possible without overspending!
  • Annchovie has a really cute and informative online guide, discussing exactly what she did and learned on her five-day trip to Norway. This guide also has plenty of affiliate links to other useful websites so you’ll never miss a beat!
  • Must Visit Destinations has a fabulous travel guide filled with breathtaking photographs of their travels to Norway. There are lists of plenty of things to do so you can compile an itinerary of everything that piques your interest, along with places to stay in Norway, travel tips, and everything in between.

Every traveler should dig deeper and try to see spots recommended directly by the locals or uncover hidden gems within the country. It’s always good to skip some of the busy tourist attractions and stumble upon some off-the-beaten-path places in Norway.

  • Culture Trip has you covered if you’re seeking out the best kept secrets in Norway. A great guide for those who enjoy alternative methods of sightseeing and entertainment.
  • Sapphire + Elm travel compiled a great list of food, drink, and activities to do in Oslo, Norway’s capital city, directly from the mouths of locals!
  • The Travel Captain has an incredible guide of things you need to know about the culture and the country before you travel to Norway. Everything from how to pay for food, to how to pack for your journey no matter the season, and how to interact with locals. It is truly important to understand the culture and even try and learn a few words in Norwegian before you go!

Check out this article on how to better understand the culture you’ll be immersed in on your next trip!



Have you ever been to Norway? What are some of your travel tips and local recommendations? Is there a country or region you want to know more about to prepare for a trip? Let us know; we’ll cover it and do the research for you!


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