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For Traveling to Greece

I was recently asked if I had any tips for visiting Greece. Unfortunately, none of us have had the opportunity to go there yet; however, that doesn’t mean I don’t really love researching unknown destinations. This week, Postcard Press picks some online guides to help get you started on planning your trip to Greece (or if you just like reading about destinations around the world).

When coming up with an itinerary, I take a look at three things: must-see tourist attractions, hidden gems, and recommendations from locals.

First, it’s a great idea to find a travel guide for your trip. It’s important to dig deeper and educate yourself about your destination, but travel guides provide a lot of useful information about sights to see, food to eat, words to know, and other local knowledge to help you get around more easily. I get a guide for every trip, and I always carry it around with me for reference. I don’t let it dictate my experience, but it almost always helps to enhance it. Personally, I really enjoy Lonely Planet guides, but go to your local bookstore and browse the options so you can find a guide that’s best for you.


Greece Tourist Attraction

Then I turn to the internet. At Postcard Press, we’re all about turning tourists to travelers, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the tourist sights. Yes, some are overrated, but some of them became popular for a reason. Learn the historical and cultural significance of these sights, so you can get the most out of visiting them.


Greece Hidden Gem

But in addition to the tourist attractions, I like to get off the beaten path—walk around the city, take a detour down a small street, step into a restaurant that this one person told someone about once. Basically, I like to pretend I live there and see the country as a local, truly experience it. So, I always look for hidden gems, local recommendations, and off-the-beaten-path sights.


Flag of Greece

Finally, in addition to where to go, I look at what to know. Each location has their own customs, idiosyncrasies, and distinctions that are important to know as an educated and respectful traveler. So, I look at travel tips for the destinations. Many travel guides provide some of this practical information, but I always look elsewhere as well.  


Have you been to Greece? Let us know your tips, advice, and experiences to make anyone’s trip a memorable one!

Do you have a trip coming up and want some advice? Comment below on where and when you’re going!



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