Why I Started Taking More Photos of Myself—And Why You Should, Too

Travel Advice: Why co-founder Nicole is committed to taking more travel photos of herself, and why it’s a good idea for you to do the same.

How to Be a Respectful Traveler—and Not The Ugly American

Want to ensure your experience abroad is rewarding for everyone involved and you aren’t perpetuating the stereotype of The Ugly American—a loud, rude, critical, self-centered tourist? Being a respectful traveler comes down to two things: education and, of course, respect.

More than a Postcard: Working in Davos, Switzerland

Go on a journey with Nicole as she talks about her unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences while working in Davos, Switzerland, and offers recommendations for anyone planning to visit or learn more about the country.

Meet the Postcard Press Team: Nicole

Meet the Postcard Press Team: Nicole Lamberson! Learn more about co-founder Nicole Lamberson and how she became a traveler.