Image of Marrakech, Morocco, from top of the El Badi Palace

Postcards from our Travelers:
Marrakech, Morocco

July’s postcard is sent by co-founder Nicole, highlighting one of her favorite trips: Marrakech, Morocco.

Image of the Jemaa el Fna at night with the text Bonjour de Marrakech Marrakech, Morocco Salaam Aleikum! It’s impossible to narrow down Marrakech, Morocco, to just a few words. From the beautiful November weather to the deep history to the warm, friendly people, Marrakech had everything I could want in a destination. Adventure and culture surround you no matter where you go, but nowhere more so than the Jemaâ el Fna—the main square in the old town. The heart of the city, you will find a little bit of everything here. Restaurants, food stalls, and street food vendors come alive in the afternoon and evening. Just to the north, you’ll find the best shopping in the souks—the winding, narrow maze of covered shops where you will (and should!) get lost for a few hours. The people are the stars, however, and performers can be found all over the square—from snake charmers to musicians to acrobats and more. Don’t take a picture without asking (and likely paying)! Marrakech, Morocco, is a city that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.


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