Everything You Need to Know About Glamping

It’s easy to get lost in all of the abbreviated trends emerging year after year, and if you’re not an avid traveler, or not really into venturing outdoors, it’s possible that you haven’t yet heard of this not-so-new-anymore travel trend. May I present to you–glamping!



So, what exactly is glamping? It’s a fun take on the combination of glamourous and camping, a type of camping for those who want a little bit more comfort and style, and a little less “roughing” it. Just imagine bringing all of the comfortable amenities from your home and inserting them into the middle of a beautiful campground area.

Disclaimer! Glamping may not be for everyone. If you are more interested in the traditional camping style and being one with nature with as little comfort as possible, you may actually think the concept of glamping is ridiculous.

However, for those who are interested in being surrounded by nature, but also being surrounded by familiarity and comfort, this is the travel trend for you.

First, you need to consider the type of shelter you like best. It will be some sort of tent. The more people camping with you, the larger you’ll want the shelter to be! It must be large enough to hold inflatable mattresses (or real ones), decorations, supplies, food, clothes, and other things brought from home.

For larger shelters, you can always rent a space in campgrounds that offer glamping areas!


https://www.intentsgp.com/product/4-person-glamping-tent-silverstone-wec/ 4 person

Next, you need to plan ahead for your food and drinks. You will need a few coolers to house different kinds of foods, drinks, and snacks. The more gourmet the better.

Also, don’t take the easy way out and buy single-use paper plates, cups, and cutlery–instead bring your own silverware and plates that can be washed and reused, but also give you the vibe that you’re right at home. Get a few packs of mason jars for food storage and to use as drinking glasses. For eating outside in the evening, don’t forget to pack citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay.



What makes glamping stand apart from traditional camping is the use of copious lighting and decor. Simply imagine that you aren’t camping at all, but making the space you’re in your new home away from home. There are some really unique trends for decorating your space, such as hanging lights, chandeliers, and glimmer string lights to give that warm and homey feeling.

Don’t settle for a simple fitted sheet set on the bed you’re using–go all out with throw pillows and blankets to get extra cozy. Also, don’t forget to add long curtains or drapes in front of the entryway and any window openings to add extra detail.

Basically, your goal is to bring the indoor comforts outside!




Now that you have an idea of glamping and what it consists of, you need to choose your destination!

There are plenty of places to visit if you’re more comfortable taking a road trip within the U.S. If this sounds like you, check out this list for a few well-known spots that accommodate glampers, specifically, on their grounds.

If you are hungry for adventure and your next trip abroad, but are interested in the new glamping trend there are several regions that embrace glamping so you can be comfortable outdoors, but also be surrounded by the culture of the country you immerse yourself in.

One exhilarating glamping spot that any traveler should consider is in Wadi Rum, Jordan where glampers can stay in a fully-furnished tent while being surrounded by the dunes and mountains in the distance. This is a great opportunity to get away in semi-secluded grounds while exploring the stunning geography of a new region, and learning about the culture and history of Wadi Rum.  

If you are still interested in adding more places to your glamping list, here is an amazing article from Brit + Co with some incredible destinations. Some places from this article have made their way to my bucket list, including  Morocco and British Columbia.

So, if you’re interested in something a little different than the norm, give glamping a try!




Have you been glamping? Are you an avid camper who is interested in trying a more comfortable outing, or are you loyal to the traditional forms of being out in nature? Let us know your stories and experiences!

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