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Out of the Box Camping

Gift-giving season is right around the corner, and with it comes the challenge of finding the perfect gifts for friends and family. Those of us with friends who are campers and outdoor enthusiasts know that shopping for them can be downright impossible! Most of the time, they have everything they need to support their hobbies and outdoor activities, day hikes, and weekend camping trips.

That’s where the Out of the Box Camping subscription box comes in. This quarterly box of outdoor products and gear is made for gift givers and seasoned campers alike. 

[Photo by Brevitē on Unsplash]
The boxes are designed for new or experienced campers to treat themselves but are also perfect gifts for sharing the love of the outdoors. Each box contains six to eight curated items, such as clothing and accessories, supplies, RV gear, guidebooks, decor, and even snacks. Who can resist a fun surprise every three months to enhance their outdoor experience? 

Each box is curated with a specific theme, such as “Camp Kitchen,” “RV Essentials,” and “I’d Rather Be Camping.” All feature products from well-known outdoor equipment brands such as Wilcor Outdoors and Camco. Some past boxes are featured on the website for those who want to learn more before subscribing.

[Photo by RoseBox رز باکس on Unsplash]
Out of the Box Camping doesn’t only curate subscription boxes; it also hosts an online community for campers and enthusiasts to share stories and travel experiences, as well as compare notes on great products. This space serves to educate those who love the outdoors with tips and tricks, checklists, and campground recommendations. 

This all sounds excellent, but if you’re feeling hesitant to commit to a quarterly subscription of surprise products, check out the “Shop” page on the website to browse products featured in previous boxes and order them à la carte. Out of the Box Camping is a great gift any time of year, so don’t hesitate to check it out, get inspired, and get outside!


Have you subscribed to camping boxes before, or have you tried Out of the Box Camping? What are your recommendations and what did you love? Share with us below!


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