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South Africa’s diverse history and culture make it an intriguing destination for the cultural traveler. It has distinct prehistoric importance as the “Cradle of Humankind”—it contains some of the oldest archeological and human-fossil sites in the world. It’s also one of the most multiethnic societies—the result of the settlement of the Bantu-speaking people and the influences of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British. In fact, the country has eleven official languages. But it is also true that South Africa’s history is tragic, and from colonization to apartheid, that history has shaped its people and culture.  

Geographically, South Africa is large and varied with something for all travelers. Whether you’re looking for culture, the outdoors, adventure, or everything in between, you’ll find it here. But the truth of the matter is that for most of us, it’s impossible to see and do everything in one trip. Depending on how much time you have, you’ll have to pick and choose the experiences that are most exciting to you. So, if you’re planning on traveling to South Africa, start with your favorite travel guide to narrow down your destinations and then take a look at some of the resources below to fill in the rest.

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Cape Town at Sunrise
Cape Town at sunrise from atop Lion’s Head. Image by Karen/Lyn Nobull from Pixabay.

Must-See Attractions

South Africa has everything you could want in a destination, from history to nature to breathtaking views. With so many places to go and so many things to do, you need to have a plan to make the most of it. Starting with the must-see attractions can help. 

Making Cape Town your base?

Spending more time around Johannesburg and Pretoria?


Bo-kaap Homes in Cape Town
Homes from the Bo-kaap area of Cape Town, formerly known as the Malay Quarter. Image by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay.

Hidden Gems

To really get to know South Africa, make sure you get off the beaten path and visit some of the lesser-known sites. A well-rounded trip will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of your destination.  


Braai - South African Tradition
Braai, the traditional, South African style of barbeque, brings people together. Image by davyart from Pixabay.

Foodie Adventures

The culinary scene is an important aspect of any destination and shouldn’t be overlooked when traveling to South Africa. Local dishes can teach you so much about the people, their culture, and their history. 


Franschhoek, South Africa
One of the oldest towns in South Africa, Franschhoek is known for its centuries-old wineries and architecture. Image by unserekleinemaus from Pixabay.

Day Trips

If you’re based in one of South Africa’s wonderful cities, a good way to see a little more of the country is to venture out on a day trip. South Africa isn’t lacking exciting options.


Artisan crafts, South Africa
Artisan crafts found in South Africa. Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay.

Practical Information

In addition to figuring out where in South Africa you want to go, make sure you’ve researched travel tips, customs, and other practical information about the destination. You’ll feel more comfortable on your trip if you know what to expect. 


Have you ever been to South Africa? What are your recommendations for a first-time visitor? Share your experience below!

Featured image by David Mark from Pixabay.
Social media image by naeem mayet from Pixabay. Image of Stellenbosch, the second oldest town in South Africa, also known for its wineries. 


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