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The Wordy Traveler

Spring can sometimes leave us cooped up indoors watching the rain patter on the windows as we daydream about the next trip. Some hot tea and a book can be the perfect remedy for rainy days, and if you’re like me, it can be difficult to choose a new book from the already overflowing bookshelves.

If you’re a traveler who loves to be inspired by the written word, there is a subscription box combining a love of travel and a love of reading, and it might just be the perfect fit!

The Wordy Traveler is a subscription box considered a “luxury, quarterly book club” and is meant to inspire readers with exotic and romantic stories from around the world. Each quarterly box focuses on a brand new destination and includes books, ethically-sourced tea, and an original art print, along with other surprise goodies. There are two different tiers: the Full Suitcase, which sends along three books, and the Backpacking Edition, which only sends one.

This box doesn’t only satisfy those who receive it, because each subscription purchased also benefits women and girls from around the world,  as a portion of each box supports efforts to provide education for them. It’s all about giving back.

When you check out the website, you can learn about inspiration for the current box, or “journey,” and which region it’s focused on. Some regions chosen have a history of political events that make them infamous, but The Wordy Traveler strives to be apolitical and simply shares books that inspire, so the readers can educate themselves and come to their own conclusions.

The goal of The Wordy Traveler is to share books that inspire wanderlust and take the reader on a journey that may possibly add a new country to their bucket list! The rainy days of spring are on their way; be prepared with your subscription box of travel books, so you’ll never be without a new book to read.

What are some of your favorite travel books? Do you subscribe to a box that gives you wanderlust and fuels your passion for travel? Let us know your recommendations!



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