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Glen Canyon

Jax reflects on her day trip to Glen Canyon during her time visiting in Utah!

Postcard text:

Glen Canyon is a National Recreation Area encompassing over 1.25 million acres of desert, from Arizona to Utah. It is also home to the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell–America’s second-largest man-made lake! 

For thousands of years, before the canyons were filled with water, Archaic and native tribes lived in this area. Later, homesteaders, river runners, and uranium miners worked here as well as early Latter-day Saints (LDS) living in settlements and other workers at mineral exploration sites. 

Today, there is plenty to do and see at Glen Canyon. The dam has excellent tours, explaining how it works and emphasizing that it’s a major source of hydroelectricity for nearby towns and cities. 

Visitors are educated on the practices of preservation in the area, and how to keep it “better than you left it” while passing through. At the same time, travelers can experience the culture and history of this location, and participate in fun recreational activities including boating, camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and mountain biking. 

It’s a beautiful place, filled with history to learn and activities to try. It should definitely be a stop on any road trip or consider a day trip if you’re in the area. 

Have you ever been to Glen Canyon or Lake Powell?

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