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Travel Man

I’m always on the hunt for a new show to watch, and recently a friend recommended Travel Man.

Travel Man is a travel show from England that follows actor Richard Ayoade (I.T. Crowd) around the world as he spends 48 hours delving into the culture of each location. The show is filled with intelligent insights into wherever he travels, combined with his dry sense of humor. He is often joined by celebrity guests such as Jon Hamm, who traveled with him Hong Kong.

What sets this show apart from other travel shows of its kind? Simple. Richard and his guest approach each new experience blind–just like any of us would. Additionally, onscreen, there are small text boxes that appear with relevant information, such as the average cost of a food item he’s trying or the history of different traditions.

Travel Man is currently available to stream on Hulu.

What are some travel shows you watch that deserve some more attention? Don’t forget to check other travel shows we love in our AV Club. 





"Travel Man" is an English reality show that follows Richard Ayoade as he spends 48 hours in exciting travel destinations ranging from Moscow to Hong Kong.
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