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“The Voice of Colorado”

So many travelers are searching for their next destination, some looking as far as across oceans and to the farthest corners of the world for an adventure. Travelers, there is no need to look any further for your next trip! A landlocked state in the North American Rocky Mountain region should be your next destination.

Colorado can be easily overlooked as a state, but it should be thought of as a cultural destination. The Colorado tourism board just revealed a new ad campaign to increase tourism to their beautiful state. This campaign, known as “The Voice of Colorado” (link) has been shown on television, as well as online and in magazines.

Some locations chosen show national parks as well as cultural landscapes and entertainment venues. The ad also features unique Colorado products and brands–as well as local and well-known Coloradans!


There are so many beautiful things to be explored in Colorado–and the Colorado Tourism Board wants every adventurer and traveler to know that Colorado has something for everyone!

So, consider making your next trip to this state, filled with culture that it’s waiting to share with you!

Have you been to Colorado, or do you currently live there? Do you have any favorite parts of Colorado that are unique to its culture, or that any traveler MUST see? Please share them with us!



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