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Pack Up + Go


Do you have a passion for travel? Do you want to visit cities across the country, or maybe just a few states away? Do you know you want to travel, but you don’t know where to begin? Do work and life get in the way of your travel planning every time, so you’ve just given up? Then Pack Up + Go is the perfect fit for you!

Pack Up + Go is a small team of world travelers, founded by Lillian Rafson, who believe that travel is good for us. That seeing different places, being immersed in different microcultures, is truly calming and rejuvenating!

Here’s how it works: you simply discuss what types of activities you enjoy while traveling, discuss your budget, complete a travel survey so your destination can be tailored to fit your interests, and then your 3-day trip is booked! This all sounds amazing, but what’s the catch?

The destination is a surprise!

For travelers seeking a new flair of adventure, they are given all of the necessary information: itineraries, accommodations, to and from boarding passes, the works–but the surprise envelope they receive holding their destination isn’t opened until just before they leave. I don’t know about you, but I am already extremely interested!

Don’t worry, you’re not completely left in the dark. The destination city is always going to be in the continental U.S., and a packing list is sent to you along with the up-to-date weather forecast so you know exactly what you need to bring. You can also choose what kind of accommodations you prefer, from a hotel to a bed and breakfast.

What’s more, they make sure every detail is ironed out and will talk with you personally about your needs and your travel restrictions. Do you have dietary restrictions? Let them know and they will work with you on recommendations for eateries. Do you have any physical limitations or do you travel to a specific city each week for work? They will work around it to make your trip the best it can be so you spend the whole time enjoying yourself, and zero time stressing about intricate planning!

Still skeptical? You can visit their website and check out the FAQ section!

Have you used this service, or gone on a surprise trip somewhere? Let us know how your experience was!


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