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Borders of Adventure

With so many travel blogs out there, all offering something different, there’s an abundance of options. It can be hard to find content that shares (or even challenges) your perspective in a way that enriches your travel experience and inspires your wanderlust. However, I recently came across Borders of Adventure and was instantly taken with its content and mission. 

Borders of Adventure is this week’s Postcard Press Pick because we share its mission to provide cultural insights and change perceptions through personal travel stories and content that is sure to inspire your next trip. When we find other blogs promoting cultural travel and recognizing the importance of digging deeper and learning about your destination, we want to share them with you.


With a wide range of destinations to read about, Borders of Adventure promises “adventures with a social conscience” and “journeys to change perceptions.” Travel writer and founder Becki shares her experiences around the world through interesting stories and beautiful photos, while including practical information to help make your own adventures successful. She also digs deeper into some unusual or more controversial destinations, exploring the social, historical, political, and cultural contexts. As Becki states, she has a “passion for reporting on misunderstood, post-conflict and lesser-known aspects of destinations.” By highlighting this perspective, readers are able to gain a deeper understanding of these destinations and more fully experience them.

Do you have any travel blogs that you love? Give us your recommendations!


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