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Ten LGBTQ Friendly Travel Destinations

Ten LBGTQ Friendly Travel Destinations With so many places having their Pride celebrations, it’s easy to be inspired to travel to these queer-friendly destinations, to celebrate for Pride or to simply add to your bucket list! This list doesn’t include cities in the U.S., but instead has different places to inspire you to travel abroad […]

Thanksgiving Around the World

Thanksgiving Around the World Growing up in the United States, you may have learned that Thanksgiving is an entirely American tradition celebrating the 1621 feast between the Wampanoag Indian tribe and the pilgrims who came to the “new world” on the Mayflower. America’s first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts, but it didn’t become the […]

More than a Postcard: Los Angeles

More Than A Postcard: Los Angeles When deciding on a place to write about for my first entry, I thought it might be interesting to build on Jax’s story and also write about Los Angeles as a way to show how similar and different a trip to the same place could be. Every person and […]

More than a Postcard: Los Angeles

More than a Postcard: Los Angeles On July 27th 2013, my plane landed at LAX. It was night, and the cool breeze through the palm trees didn’t help wake me up. My mother and I were traveling together, going to California for the first time in both our lives. This trip was a birthday gift […]