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The story of how Hipcamp, an online marketplace–similar to Airbnb–helping people discover and book unique camping experiences, is quite inspiring. When Alyssa Ravasio, founder and CEO of Hipcamp, , was searching for a place to camp by the ocean in California, she learned that 30% of the California state park system was threatened with closure due to lack of revenue. 

Alyssa realized that technology was necessary to help people get outside and connect with nature. She knew she had to act, and after a quick but intensive programming course, a basic version of the Hipcamp website was born. One year later, she was joined by co-founder Eric Bach, and together, they added more and more features and locations until it became the brand users trust to find new camping experiences. 

The mission of Hipcamp is simple: “Get more people outside.” It’s about inspiring passion to not only get out and explore lands, but to protect them for future generations to enjoy. Hipcamp’s values include leaving a place better than you found it and having a positive impact on the environment. This, alongside a strong sense of community and diversity, is essential to the Hipcamp team. 

Hipcamp allows users to search for available campsites based on location, the type of landscape desired, and the amenities offered. National, State, and Army Corps Parks that have campsites or campgrounds are covered in all 50 states–making Hipcamp one of the most comprehensive guides to camping in the nation. A search filter is available for those looking for glamping spots, places to park an RV, and even areas that are pet-friendly, just to name a few!

Researching and finding well-rounded information on campgrounds can be confusing and time-consuming. Now, Hipcamp makes that process simple and accessible, allowing users to discover campsites suitable to their needs like never before. There is even an app available for Apple users (and coming soon for Android users) to find places to camp on the go. 

Whether you want to find a campsite tonight to get out and enjoy nature, or you’re interested in hosting campers from across the country on your land, Hipcamp should be your first stop! 

Have you ever used Hipcamp to find a camping spot, or is this your first time hearing about it? Are there other resources that you swear by when you want to camp out? Let us know!

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