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Travel Journaling

You gain some of the most fulfilling experiences while traveling. Being submerged in another culture and surrounded by new people, whom you can learn from and make new memories with, is something that will provide inspiration and wisdom for many years after you return home. These experiences, stories, and all the knowledge you gain can be passed on to others, creating a community of educated and respectful travelers. Sharing these details can help those who hope to travel in the future find spectacular destinations and hidden gems. The best–and perhaps most enjoyable–way to record these experiences is through a travel journal.

If you’re like me, taking pictures while traveling–especially of myself–is hard enough. Browsing through countless photos while trying to recall specific memories and experiences I’ve had while traveling is great, but it could be made easier. A travel journal is something that would help reflect on these experiences and share them easily with others, and if you love collecting mementos on your journey, you should try it too!

To get started on documenting your next trip, remember the purpose of your journal, so it’s easy for you to reflect and allow your to words flow naturally. The first is to remember more of your trip and the reasons why you chose to visit that destination. The next is to learn more about the place you are visiting and writing down your observations to help you absorb some of the customs and traditions surrounding you. The final purpose is to reflect on your experiences, and what better way than to jot it down as it happens!

You can also use your journal to plan your trip, make entries, write lists, and build up your wanderlust until the day you depart! While you are there, find time to reflect on your daily activities, but also have it ready for when you return home so you can write about what it was like, how you felt, and also add photos, postcards, business cards, and small mementos to liven it up. If you’re artsy, add sketches of your observations!

There are so many journal ideas out there to inspire you, and there are plenty of journals specially made for travelers. If you are just looking for something simple, just to jot down your thoughts or sketches, try these unlined journals that come in a three pack from Moleskine.

Here’s some inspo to get you started, happy journaling!

Do you keep a travel journal on your experiences? How to you like to reflect on your journey?

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