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Women of Color Travel Bloggers

Even in 2019, it seems like the more popular travel blogging and travelgram scenes are dominated by white women. While browsing #travelgram on Instagram, it took a while to find an image featuring a woman of color (WOC), and it’s not much different when browsing for travel blogs. We should all follow and celebrate diverse bloggers because it shows different perspectives from the one we’re used to. So, for this week’s Postcard Press Picks, we wanted to create a list of amazing WOC Travel Bloggers and Instagrammers everyone should follow.


The Blog Abroad

Gloria Atanmo is an incredible writer who has traveled to over 70 countries since buying a one-way ticket to Europe after finishing college. She wants to inspire her readers through her own journey as a solo female traveler. Gloria’s philosophy involves worrying less about tomorrow and just living in the moment–a great philosophy to adopt.

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Oneika the Traveller

Oneika is a Canadian native who has filled seven passports during her years of travel. Not only is she the owner of an incredible travel blog, but she is also the host of two Travel Channel original web series: “Big City, Little Budget” and “One Bag and You’re Out.” Her award-winning travel blog is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring women and people of color to get out and see the world by sharing her own experiences.

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From Annette with Love

From Annette with Love is an amazing travel blog dedicated not only to women of color but also to plus-sized travelers (another group that doesn’t see a lot of love in the blogosphere). A digital nomad who spent 10 years in the fashion industry, Annette has found a new passion for travel and, having already visited 19 countries, she’s determined to become the voice of plus-sized travelers everywhere. She is also the editor of Fat Girls Guide. If you love travel, fashion, and body positivity, then Annette is definitely the blogging inspiration for you.

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Travel Pockets

If you have a sister and want a blog promoting travel and sisterly love, then you should follow Travel Pockets by sisters Candy and Crystal, the half-Japanese and half-American sister duo who travel the world in style. The two grew up with a father in the military, so traveling was something they were born into and grew to love. Their blog documents all their travels, including all the hidden gems they’ve encountered along the way.

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Packs Light

Gabby puts all of us to shame. After taking her first solo trip at the age of 17, she has traveled to over 10 countries and is still making time to travel despite her 9-to-5 engineering job. She titled her blog “Packs Light” to embody an important philosophy:

  1. She packs light, mentally and physically—she does bring the baggage of the past into the future and does not place excessive value on material possessions.
  2. She packs light—she brings with her inspiration, positivity, and empowerment in every aspect of her life, and embodies this light in everything she does.

                     –About Me, Packs Lightly

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There are so many amazing blogs out there run by women of color that deserve all the love, so if we missed your favorite link them (or yourself) in the comments below!


In this Postcard Press Pick, we want to take a moment to celebrate some of the incredible women of color travel bloggers taking on the world--one country at a time.
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