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Life Where I’m From

There was a time (back when I wanted to teach high school English) when I wanted to move to Japan. I was going to teach at the American School of Japan located in Tokyo. While it sounded good in my head, I didn’t actually know what living in Japan would be like. That’s why I wish the YouTube channel “Life Where I’m From” existed when I was planning my future.

“Life Where I’m From” is a YouTube channel following the lives of a half-Japanese, half-Canadian family. What sets this channel apart from other family vloggers is their focus on what it’s like living in Japan versus The States and Canada. Each video, often narrated by the children, offers a different lesson on modern Japanese living and culture. Lessons include ordering food in Tokyo without knowing Japanese, to how lunch is served in a Japanese grade school. However, some of my favorites on the channel just involve the family making meals together. These videos have really enlightened me to what life in Japan is really like and have made me excited for my future visit to the country.

This family provides a lot of helpful information whether you’re planning to visit Japan for a week, make a move, or just want to learn a little more about another country. And because most of the videos are narrated by the children, they can be great learning tools for your own by showing them how children in other cultures live.

What are some of your favorite travel YouTube channels? How do you study other cultures before travel?

Life Where I'm From is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing what it's like to live and grow up in Japan.
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