Qibao Featured Image: Image of Qibao Ancient Town along the Puhui River

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Qibao Ancient Town

Nicole sends a postcard from Qibao Ancient Town, a thousand-year-old water town located on the outskirts of Shanghai, China.

Front of Postcard, Image of Qibao Ancient Town along the Puhui River

Back of Postcard: Text; Text states: Nóng hǎo, If you’re in Shanghai for a few days, consider taking a day trip. In fact, you needn’t go far to experience one of the famous ancient water towns. Qībǎo is technically part of Shanghai and easily accessible by the metro, giving you a chance to escape the throngs of residents and tourists so you can slow down and enjoy some old world charm. Shops (many selling local handicrafts) and street food make up the main attractions, but don’t miss out on visiting the small museums, depicting traditional life in Qībǎo, before heading down the road to experience more of the town’s culture at the Qībǎo Temple, which was originally constructed more than 1000 years ago. If you’re lucky, like us, you’ll get to see the monks working in some of the rooms and the locals in the midst of their daily prayer. Don’t enter the prayer hall; instead, stand respectfully outside the entrance and silently observe. Must do: Definitely take a break for some reflection and afternoon tea at one of the tea houses located along the river! Zei Wei, Nicole


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