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Many People Many Places

One of the things that fuels our wanderlust is a desire to learn about others and how they live day to day. It’s fun to discover how similar or different we are, even if it’s just learning how different cultures say hello or goodbye. That curiosity is one of the factors making us respectful travelers. But the hard part is having the ability to travel the world on limited budgets and time. But one new series is making it easier to learn a little more about others from the comfort of our couch. This week’s Postcard Press pick is Many People Many Places.

Many People Many Places, a new video series from Condé Nast Traveler, aims to show you how 70 people from 70 countries do things back home—from how they say cheers to counting money and more. These short videos are a fun way to expand your cultural awareness without the investment of a trip abroad!

Check out a couple of episodes below:


If you enjoyed these, be sure to watch the rest of the series! In the midst of its first season, Many People Many Places currently has 10 episodes and can be watched on Condé Nast’s website or on Facebook Watch.


Do you have any fun bits of information about different cultures that you’ve learned while traveling abroad? Does your culture have an interesting way of doing day-to-day things? Share with us in the comments!

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