Code of Ethics

Postcard Press seeks to publish honest and informative travel guides and digital content. Our guides will give readers an accurate glimpse into a country and its cultures. The trust of our audience is important and not something we ever want to jeopardize. This means that our authors, most of whom will be locals or individuals with strong ties to the community, are expected to provide an accurate and honest look at their country. We believe that offers of free food, tours, or stays — any sponsorship — have the potential to influence the content of our guides. To ensure this does not happen, our authors are not allowed to accept any discounts or gifts in exchange for a positive review or feature within the guide. Our readers can always be sure that they are getting authentic information from our publications every time.

While Postcard Press seeks to expand our readers’ horizons and bring them closer to the world, we also feel that it’s our responsibility to see that destinations and cultures are not negatively impacted by our readers. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to respect and not destroy local cultures. Our guides will seek to create educated, thoughtful, and ethical travelers through its in-depth and comprehensive exploration of customs, history, religion, food, and arts.

Additionally, we feel it’s our obligation to inform potential travelers of the humanitarian, political, and economic issues that may be affecting the people of their destination. It’s not our role to tell someone where they should or shouldn’t go but we believe it is our responsibility to make them aware of these issues and how they can be a positive force for good if they choose to make that journey.

To the cultures our publications will expose, we have a responsibility to ensure travelers don’t disrupt their homes or lives. We have a duty to help protect their culture and customs. That’s why our authors are experts who understand, respect, and are part of the cultures and places about which they are writing. It’s important that destinations and the people are never exploited by our guides, authors, or travelers. Our guides will also be reviewed and checked for accuracy and sensitivities by an independent board of academics and travel experts to help ensure this.

For all of our publications, our authors are expected to submit original work that is respectful and honest. The trust of our readers is of utmost importance, and we will take any claims of plagiarism seriously. Also, we expect our authors to submit authentic works that do not exploit cultures. Postcard Press is committed to providing our writers with fair wages and the support they need to create thoughtful and engaging content.

Statement of Integrity

The members of Postcard Press, internal and external, are expected to perform under professional standards as well as with honesty, integrity, accountability, and a commitment to excellence.

Conflicts of Interest

All members of the Postcard Press community must act in the best interest of Postcard Press rather than in advancing their private gain. Postcard Press must avoid conflicts of interest and ensure potential conflicts are identified and mitigated.


To realize our mission of turning tourists into travelers by expanding their knowledge and increasing awareness, Postcard Press engages in and supports study abroad programs and comprehensive education through our partnerships with colleges and universities.

Transparency & Disclosure

Postcard Press information will be disclosed by established policies. We engage in open and reliable communication.


Postcard Press values and promotes inclusiveness in all of its activities, including employment practices, recruitment, and programs. Postcard Press serves diverse individuals with varied backgrounds, experience, and points of view.


Postcard Press retains the responsibility for requiring and overseeing compliance with our Statement of Values and this Code of Ethics. Each employee, contributor, and volunteer part of the Postcard Press community have a personal responsibility to comply with our ethical guidelines.