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☀️ Spring Break ☀️

☀ Spring Break ☀ Happy April, Travelers! As we start the month, Postcard Press also reaches an important milestone: our 6 month anniversary! Thank you so much for going on this journey with us and helping to make our first 6 months successful. We’ve had so much fun as we’ve explored ourselves and the world. We have worked towards finding […]

What the Winter Olympics Teaches Us about the World

What the Winter Olympics Teaches Us about the World Every four years, the Winter Olympics is a winter experience like no other. Filled with a variety of exciting and death-defying winter sports, this two-week event is actually a thrilling way to immerse yourself in the host country as well as learn about world cultures and […]

The Problem with Logan Paul’s Trip to Japan

The Problem With Logan Paul’s Trip to Japan The horse is still twitching, so let’s beat it some more. This essay is not going to delve too deep into the “We Found a Dead Body” video because enough people have covered that. But not enough people have addressed the overall behavior during Logan Paul’s trip […]

Why Postcard Press?

Why Postcard Press? Before we really get started, we thought it would be best to let you know who we are. After all, why should you be interested in Postcard Press? What is Postcard Press all about? The short answer: If you love traveling and learning about the world around and you want to be […]