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Even I have come around to the idea of a road trip. Cross-country or just statewide, I am getting more and more invested in the idea, but where do you start? I was going through travel apps when I stumbled upon this gem: Roadtrippers.

This app helps travelers create their own, custom road trip itineraries. The couple who developed the app set out to solve a problem that has plagued many, as Mashable explains:

“Husband and wife James and Tatiana Fisher created the app out of frustration with other travel apps, which only showed national chains and obvious tourist traps. The couple thought they could do better — so they created RoadTrippers [sic], hoping to inspire more adventurous travel.”

Bingo. It is exactly what I was looking for, and I’m sure any other traveler of the road is looking for too if they don’t already have it downloaded to their smartphone!

The app will track fuel usage while at the same time, take you on the most adventurous route. There are filters for what you want to find on your way, such as food and drink, lodging, things to do, outdoors, and even a tab for “weird stuff!”

If you visit the website, you can find more articles on trips and travel, hiking and camping, and everything in between. This app is so much more than just a road trip app; it’s an adventure app! I was sold and now it’s in the travel folder on my Android. All I need is a repurposed van and I’m ready to go! So, what are you waiting for?

Have any other awesome travel apps you’ve downloaded recently? Are there ones you wish existed? Let us know!

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