Postcard Press Picks: RE|POWERED RAM

Most college students are focused on going to the hottest party on a Friday night while others are trying to figure out how long they can put off a project (me). However, there are some who are already well on their way to making the world a better place.

For her senior year, Caroline decided to live off the grid in a van she gutted and remodeled into a tiny home. Meanwhile, I was celebrating having a washer and dryer in my senior apartment. Majoring in Environmental Policy, Caroline wanted to change her lifestyle to fit her beliefs, and that’s when she found her van, Roxi.

The blue cargo van was converted using sustainable materials and was equipped with 600W solar panels to meet her energy needs.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration to start living your life more sustainable, look no further than RE|POWERED RAM. You can follow Caroline’s journey through her Instagram Page and her blog.

We salute you and wish you well in your journey.


This week, Postcard Press Picks Repowered Ram, an amazing Instagram account ran by an amazing individual. #sustainability #offthegrid
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Featured Photo by Jose Maria Cuellar on Unsplash

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