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Choosing your next vacation or travel spot can be, at times, overwhelming. We all have those bucket lists that grow and grow whenever we find a stunning photo online of a new region, and I know I’m guilty of it. Having a resource that shows firsthand knowledge, and photos, of beautiful places around the world where people have traveled is extremely helpful to those of us who want a solid choice instead of throwing a dart at a map. #MyDomaineTravels is here to help!

MyDomaine, an online community focused on lifestyle inspiration for the modern woman, has us covered. #MyDomaineTravels is a hashtag used by travelers, and now MyDomaine has put a spotlight on the highlights of each traveler’s trip, region by region.

The gallery highlights incredible shots of places around the world, even some places that weren’t on my original bucket list! One of my favorites from the list is Bangkok, Thailand–and the wonderful little summary of experiencing the culture from the locals firsthand!

So have you updated your bucket list after checking out #MyDomaineTravels? What other lists or blogs do you use to help you choose destinations? Let us know!


Postcard Press Picks #mydomaintravels
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