Month: March 2018

Postcard Press Picks: Roadtrippers

Postcard Press Picks: Roadtrippers Even I have come around to the idea of a road trip. Cross-country or just statewide, I am getting more and more invested in the idea, but where do you start? I was going through travel apps when I stumbled upon this gem: Roadtrippers. This app helps travelers create their own, […]

Couchsurfing 101

Couchsurfing 101 What is Couchsurfing? Couchsurfing is an online community where travelers connect with locals who wish to host them free of charge. It gives the traveler an opportunity to experience a slice of the culture, while also teaching the host about their own culture. The traveler stays in the home of the host, “couchsurfs”–usually […]

Postcard Press Picks: RE|POWERED RAM

Postcard Press Picks: RE|POWERED RAM Most college students are focused on going to the hottest party on a Friday night while others are trying to figure out how long they can put off a project (me). However, there are some who are already well on their way to making the world a better place. For […]

Saint Patrick’s Day: From Saints to Stereotypes

St. Patrick’s Day: From Saints to Stereotypes March 17 is a day where you wear green to probably drink too much green beer. Yes, Saint Patrick’s Day in the United States has really become just another day to eat, drink, and be merry. However, I think it’s safe to say a lot of the people […]

More than a Postcard: Working in Davos, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps from a stop along the Bernina Express in Switzerland. [Photo: Nicole Lamberson]

More than a Postcard: Working in Davos, Switzerland I have been lucky to have opportunities to travel abroad on my own time and for school, but many of my more recent travel experiences have happened because of the occasional travel I did in my previous job. Through work, I have visited places that otherwise wouldn’t have […]

St. Louis, Missouri

Postcards from our Travelers: St. Louis, Missouri   Jax sends a postcard from her partner, who had the chance to visit St. Louis, Missouri.       Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponRedditGoogle+TumblrPrintemail

Postcard Press Picks: For Traveling to Ireland

Postcard Press Picks: For Traveling to Ireland With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the country for which this cultural and religious holiday celebrates: Ireland. The small island, located in the North Atlantic, has a storied history and vibrant culture that makes it a popular […]

Classes to Take When Living as a Digital Nomad

Classes to Take When Living as a Digital Nomad Living as a digital nomad isn’t for everyone. Even if you love to travel and traveling solo, it can get lonely being on your own more often than not. One thing I see a lot of nomads asking is how they can meet people and make […]

Postcard Press Picks: #MyDomaineTravels

Postcard Press Picks: #MyDomaineTravels Choosing your next vacation or travel spot can be, at times, overwhelming. We all have those bucket lists that grow and grow whenever we find a stunning photo online of a new region, and I know I’m guilty of it. Having a resource that shows firsthand knowledge, and photos, of beautiful places […]

Packing List: Sustainable Swap-Outs

Packing List: Sustainable Swap-Outs By now I think everyone has noticed that sustainability is kind of my thing, and I want to give a bit of practical advice for a packing list while also educating on the importance of sustainability, especially when traveling. This little list below should come in handy for your next trip […]