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This week’s Postcard Press picks¬†Border, a creative nonfiction book by Kapka Kassabova that won the Stanford Dolan Travel Book of the Year award. The book paints a portrait of the borderland between Bulgaria, Turkey,¬†and Greece. The book is graced with Kassabova’s old-fashioned gift of storytelling, but is also an important piece, revealing the secrets of the region through it’s physical and psychological history.

This book focuses on a region of high conflict where Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece intersect. Kassabova helps the reader understand Europe; it being on the cusp of turmoil again, and helps the reader feel the dread that the metaphorical border between these three regions causes, personally and geographically. This is a topical book that is described as part travelogue and part memoir, written from the point of view of different individuals whom she encountered on her travels, starting and ending at the Black Sea.

Check out the book here.

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