Month: February 2018

Postcard Press Picks: Geocaching!

Postcard Press Picks: Geocaching If you drive to the Walgreens in my hometown, you’ll see a small box attached to the lamp post. Inside this box is a piece of paper with a list of names of all those who’ve found it before–or at least that was what was in there the last time I […]

What the Winter Olympics Teaches Us about the World

What the Winter Olympics Teaches Us about the World Every four years, the Winter Olympics is a winter experience like no other. Filled with a variety of exciting and death-defying winter sports, this two-week event is actually a thrilling way to immerse yourself in the host country as well as learn about world cultures and […]

My Geographical Ancestry

My Geographical Ancestry A Christmas or two ago, while I was living in Virginia, I gifted myself the AncestryDNA kit. I sent it back out the day it arrived, spit bubbles and all, and patiently awaited my email telling me the secrets of my geographical ancestry, and–even more interesting to me–the geographical regions from which […]

Postcard Press Picks: The Amazing Race

Postcard Press Picks: The Amazing Race If you haven’t heard of the reality TV series that takes teams of two around the world in the race of a lifetime, then you may have been out of the loop the last 17 years. Currently in its 30th season, The Amazing Race is an exciting competition for […]

Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Postcards from our Travelers: Anegada, British Virgin Islands Sam had the pleasure of visiting Anegada, British Virgin Islands. It was only for a few hours but it was worth it. ——–   Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponRedditGoogle+TumblrPrintemail

Postcard Press Picks: Border

Postcard Press Picks: Border *This post contains affiliate links* This week’s Postcard Press picks Border, a creative nonfiction book by Kapka Kassabova that won the Stanford Dolan Travel Book of the Year award. The book paints a portrait of the borderland between Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece. The book is graced with Kassabova’s old-fashioned gift of storytelling, but […]

Living Off the Grid: Tips for Getting Started

Living Off the Grid: Tips for Getting Started Recently, I have been reading up on “living off the grid” and have become more and more fascinated by the idea. Living on your own land, completely independent and self-sustaining, providing your own power, water and food. This lifestyle trend has become more and more popular, and […]

Honolulu, Hawaii

Featured Image, Photo of Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Hawaii

Postcards From Our Travelers: Honolulu, Hawaii In this postcard, Nicole reflects on all the adventures her short trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, yielded.         Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponRedditGoogle+TumblrPrintemail

Postcard Press Picks: Exploring With Josh

Postcard Press Picks: Exploring with Josh This week, I want to give a shout out to a YouTuber whose videos I’ve been obsessed with for about a month now: Exploring with Josh [x]. Josh is an urban explorer, meaning he finds abandoned locations and explores them. While this is a growing trend in the YouTube […]

Traveling with One Suitcase

Traveling with One Suitcase Compared to a lot of travel bloggers, I haven’t really traveled that much. When I do travel, it’s usually for two to four weeks, and I’m only allowed to take one suitcase and one carry-on with me. What I have learned in my limited travels is that checking your bag is […]