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Whether you’re planning a trip or want to be spontaneous and get away for a weekend, finding the best flights can be stressful. Many aggregate flight-booking sites exist but they don’t necessarily¬†make it easy for you to see the best options. We’ve recently found an app that is trying to make this process a whole lot more user-friendly. This week, Postcard Press picks Hopper.¬†

This flight aggregator app,¬†available through the Apple Store and Google Play, crunches the data to help you find the best flights. If your dates are flexible, search for your destination and the app will show you the best times to fly. Once you select your travel dates, Hopper will let you know the current lowest price and also predict whether or not now is the best time to buy. If the app suggests you wait, select “watch this trip” and you’ll receive periodic notifications with updated prices and predictions. It’s an easy-to-use app that takes a lot of the searching and guesswork out of the flight-booking process.

Hopper is free to use, though you can book your flight through the app for a fee. We recommend using the app to monitor flights and, once you find the flight that’s right for you, book directly with the airline so you can avoid any extra fees!

Hopper’s clean and user-friendly design makes it easy to see the best time of year to fly to your destination, predicts whether or not a better price is on the horizon, and provides notifications with updates for the trips you’re watching.

We love finding apps to make planning trips easier! Are there any travel apps you enjoy using? Give us your recommendations in the comments!


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