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Femina Survey

When the Postcard Press team comes across a great article, we can’t help but share it with the members of our community!

We recently read about emerging travel trends for pesky whipper-snapper women in Femina Survey: Inside the mind of a pesky whipper-snapper woman. What we found interesting is that even though the survey focused on women in India, the results feel universal.

Here are a few great points we took from this article from Femina Magazine regarding how pesky whipper-snapper women feel about travel.

Women don’t travel as much as they wish they could.

We believe this is true for many people who long to travel. According to the article, women want to travel at least once a month but are only able to travel once in a 2 to 6 month period.

Friends over Instagram!

It looks like friend’s recommendations trigger women who want to travel, with Instagram posts coming in last place. Interesting!

Thanks for the great insights, Femina!

Now it’s time for you to weigh in!

Are you able to travel as much as you would like? Where do you look for your next travel destination? Friends or social media?





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