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I hope to say without judgement that I have never been out of the country before (apart from a Disney cruise to the Bahamas when I was a small child) but I have been to a few spots in North America.

Before we get back to that, a little bit about myself first. I received my Bachelor’s in Communications with a minor in English, after changing my major twice before I finally settled. My focus was on writing of the fiction and poetry sort from which my interest in book publishing stemmed. After being accepted to the George Washington University publishing program, I packed my bags and moved to Virginia, beginning my living-on-my-own adventure for the first time. I met Sam and Nicole in our very first class. Our assignment was to group up and discuss an idea for a brand new press. I wandered from my seat in the back of the room to the very front and the shining faces of my, now, forever friends and business partners, and they welcomed me to the group. Nicole brought up the idea of a travel press, more brainstorming led to the birth of Postcard Press, and the rest is history.

I, for one, have never taken the opportunity to study abroad, nor have I been able to travel for work, so what is my pull to travel and wanting to be involved in a press such as this one?

I have always been fascinated with the outdoors, being in the wilderness surrounded by nature. The idea of traveling to different states, to different continents, and being surrounded by a completely new culture is one of the reasons why I decided to be a part of Postcard Press. I think everyone has a longing for the unknown in some way; they could be seeking the outdoors, or they could be seeking a glimpse of different architecture, cuisine, or history from every corner of the world. No matter which, we wanted Postcard Press to be a community that all could enjoy, even if they aren’t ever able to leave their home.

Meet the Postcard Press Team - Jacqueline
In the woods.

Postcard Press began as a graduate school project, stemming from small conversations between three strangers about how important travel is, and how important it is to look past the tourist traps and become completely immersed in another culture entirely. Now it has grown and become a community for those who are seeking escape, built by three partners who have become the best of friends. We have refined our values, focusing on education, and plans for giving opportunities to study abroad students who wish to share their experiences.

We have created a cultural tourism community for travel tips, stories, experiences, inspiration, and passion that differs from other blog communities. This is what we do at Postcard Press, and being a part of the life-changing stories and experiences is why we do it.

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