Month: November 2017

Postcard Press Picks: Femina Survey

Postcard Press Picks: Femina Survey When the Postcard Press team comes across a great article, we can’t help but share it with the members of our community! We recently read about emerging travel trends for pesky whipper-snapper women in Femina Survey: Inside the mind of a pesky whipper-snapper woman. What we found interesting is that […]

Best Hiking Tips for Beginners

Best Hiking Tips for Beginners If you’re like me, captivated by the outdoors and calmed by the wilderness, then you might fall in love with hiking. I started hiking a little over five years ago. I worked outside in the evening for years on a haunted trail, but I wanted to enjoy the woods, the […]

Thanksgiving Around the World

Thanksgiving Around the World Growing up in the United States, you may have learned that Thanksgiving is an entirely American tradition celebrating the 1621 feast between the Wampanoag Indian tribe and the pilgrims who came to the “new world” on the Mayflower. America’s first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts, but it didn’t become the […]

London on a Budget

London on a Budget As an English major, London is my favorite city in the world. I love learning about the history behind some of the greatest literary works in the world. If I could, I would move to London without a second thought. And even though my laptop was stolen from my hotel room […]

Meet the Postcard Press Team: Jacqueline

Meet Jacqueline! I hope to say without judgement that I have never been out of the country before (apart from a Disney cruise to the Bahamas when I was a small child) but I have been to a few spots in North America. Before we get back to that, a little bit about myself first. […]

Meet the Postcard Press Team: Samantha

Meet Samantha Oty! I’m so happy to be pursuing one of my passions as a founding member of the Postcard Press team.During my Sophunior (sophomore/junior year) at Radford University, I had to write an empirical research paper about my future career and why I wanted to pursue it. At that point, I was still a […]

Meet the Postcard Press Team: Nicole

Meet Nicole Lamberson When I set out to earn my master’s degree from The George Washington University, I had no idea that I would finish the program with a desire to do so much more than being an editor. Don’t get me wrong; I still want to be an editor (anyone hiring?), but I fell […]

Why Postcard Press?

Why Postcard Press? Before we really get started, we thought it would be best to let you know who we are. After all, why should you be interested in Postcard Press? What is Postcard Press all about? The short answer: If you love traveling and learning about the world around and you want to be […]